The Choi Implanter technique is nowadays pencil technique. In this technique, hair follicles, ie grafts are placed on the tip of the pencil with pliers.
The hair on the tip of the pen is then placed in the scalp on the hair.
In this technique, the root ratio, which is planted in cm square, is 35% higher than the root rate planted by fue methods. The bleeding rate in pen technique is almost negligible with this technique.

They don’t want to shave their hair, but they do research on the hair. On other words such inconvenience / chemotherapy / radiotherapy and other diseases, in the Fue method 97% of the hair that would be removed, but while in the Choi Implanter technique this rate of discomfort or treatment is 99%.

Choi Technique Main Features:
– Hair transplantation frequency
– Protection from damage to the grafts
– No scarring
– Faster recovery time
– When they are not scattered by transplantation, unlike other techniques
– Special solutions
– Hair, beard and eyebrow tightening