Are you ready for a new journey with Bulist?

“I wish I had come up to a comfortable car door with a private chauffeur!”

With our Private Chauffeured Car Service, we deliver you and your loved ones safely and comfortably to your desired location.

  • Who can benefit from the chauffeur-driven car service?

In order to benefit from a private chauffeur-driven car service, simply contact and confirm your appointment.

How can I benefit from a private chauffeur-driven car service?

All you need to do at least 12 hours before your transfer 7 days a week, from 09.00 to 23.00 hours to contact us by contacting us at and making a reservation.

Private chauffeur-driven car service is available at a specific address area and to the airport or from the airport to your specific adress.

You can also benefit from the Private Chauffeur Car Service, provided that you inform us at the time of booking and provide credit card details. For bookings made for guests, the transfer fee will be charged to the card holder’s credit card.

You can make your change requests within the working hours (7 days a week, 09.00-23.00 hours) at least 12 hours from your transfer and 8 weeks prior to your cancellation.

The Bulist customer must have a minimum of 1.5 hours between the same day and the request for a private chauffeur to start with the same address.

How can I order a transfer?

  1. Report the form of transfer leases that are available to you through the messaging on the start page: a fixed price or hourly rate for all your travel.
  2. Report the pickup address, destination, or travel time, and then the transport types.
  3. Your order will be created by informing the staff. If you wish, you can also add the return route to your same order.
  4. Specify your contact details, number of passengers, and additional options you need. If the driver wants to learn more about you, specify this information in the comment field.
  5. You are now ready to take action!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hourly Car Rental Mean?

This service provides you with a driver and a vehicle for your service and unlimited use. For example, you can use it to go to meetings on your business trips, or to travel between guided sightseeing tours or on points C, D, E, F, except for A B points on your route.

How is the hourly rental order placed properly?

Report the number of hours required and the means of transport, and the number of stops on your route will be required for the personnel receiving your order, where they are located, and the time to choose the best option and the most accurate calculation of the amount of travel.

How long can you keep my car at my address after you place the order?

The minimum time for ordering and completion is 6 hours. Remember, the more time you have, the more offers you will receive. This means that there will be a much wider range of vehicles and prices.

What can I do if the driver didn’t come to meet me?

First, try to contact the driver. Driver contact details are indicated in the letter confirming your order. If you cannot contact the driver by phone, please report this to the support team. We will try to find another driver for you and we will refund your money. Refund period is 5-7 working days.

Can I trust the drivers I found on

We only work with trusted contractors: we review their certificates, monitor the validity period and insurance policies of their licenses. Among other things, our customers are always evaluating driver performance. We review user feedback and continue to work with perfect order history.

What should I do if my flight is postponed?

Don’t worry, drivers normally follow customer’s flights and are aware of delays. We therefore recommend that you specify the flight number. You can enter this information from additional options in the extended field of the order. In such a case, free waiting time is 60 minutes. In other mandatory cases, please contact our support team at and find out how we can help you.

How can I find out if my luggage will fit in the vehicle?

Specify the baggage dimensions and the number of parts in the comment area of ​​the order. For example; 2 ski bag 180 cm long and two suitcases. In this case, only vehicles that meet these baggage will respond to your order. If you are still hesitating, please contact our support team.