City & Culture Tours

Explore the city with expert guides.

stanbul is not a center that we can easily explore in depth without a guide. We provide a systematic visit to the city which has the richest tourist areas in the world.

Medical Tourism - Health Tourism

Perfect solutions for your health problems

Regardless of the nature of your health problems, Istanbul is a center where absolute solution can be offered. Our city, which is home to the world’s best health facilities. Our expert team is at your disposal.

Boat & Helicopter Services

You can explore Istanbul from the air and sea.

You can use our Boat and helicopter services for a touristic trip even if you are simply in need of transportation between two points. Get ready for a unique experience

VIP Vehicle Services

Premium services beyond car rental

Our company offers different and more comprehensive solutions than car rental services within the scope of VIP car rental service. The service you will receive from us; If you wish you can be offered in the form of support services staff and security team

Transfer Services

Don't get lost in one of the biggest cities in the world.

If you need to reach the point of your stay from the airport without any problems, you are at the right place. With our new generation vehicles, we provide timely airport transfer service with both luxury and security together.


Let us direct you to the area where you can get the most benefit from your investments and safely evaluate your profits without taking any risks.

With Securities and Real Estate investments would you prefer a solution partner who thinks about you rather than your own earnings?

Ready to go beyond anything you ever imagined before?

Do you want to be safe and comfortable at every step you take by receiving premium level consultancy services? Start to benefit from the services offered by our company’s group subsidiaries in many areas, and benefit from profitable investments to reliable health services.

Bulist, which was established in 2012, provides qualified consultancy services to domestic and foreign guests by providing support in different foreign languages. Bulist, which operates in the form of group corporation, provides its customers with international standard services in a reliable and friendly manner. While each of our subsidiaries have a separate expertise, group-wide professional management principles are adopted throughout total quality management. We have cquired our corporate memory in the context of our long-standing industry experiences, which then returns to our customers as excellent service delivery.

Bulist provides services in areas such as investment Consulting, Health Tourism, VIP Car Rental and Hospitality Services, Boat and Helicopter Tours and Airport Transfers. We can provide a unique experience for our guests at all levels within our provided services which are defined as Business Class services.

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